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Osteopathy & Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a unique and powerful life experience. It is a time which can, and should be enjoyed. During pregnancy the body undergoes immense physical, hormonal and emotional changes.

These changes occur over a relatively short space of time, and the body has to continually adapt to accommodate these changes. Up to 10 kilograms in weight of baby, placenta and fluids may be carried, putting a fair amount of physical strain on the body.

Many pregnant women find osteopathic treatment very helpful throughout their pregnancy for pain reduction and preparation for labour. As well as helping to reduce back, hip or leg pain, osteopathy can also assist the body in preparation for labour and delivery. .

A woman’s body is constantly changing during pregnancy.  The effects of hormonal softening of ligaments, the position of the growing baby, postural changes and increases in weight can put additional pressure on joints and muscles of the spine or pelvis. Osteopathic treatment can help to alleviate these stresses. Also by ensuring that the movement of the pelvic girdle is balanced and the mother’s body is functioning optimally musculoskeletal care can aid the process of labour and delivery.

Even before pregnancy, your osteopath can evaluate your body, paying particular attention to the spine and pelvis, to ensure that there are no pre-existing or underlying restrictions, which may cause problems further into the pregnancy. We would recommend a pre-conception osteopathic check up to help make sure your body will cope with the changes of pregnancy and help it to adapt as smoothly as possible.

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